Why do this?

Great question.

The idea for this swim started in 2017 after my first swim with Human Access Project's River Hugger Swim Team. I was curious about where else I could swim in the Willamette. My curiosity grew into a passion for open water swimming, especially in our local bodies of water. Sadly, our city doesn't have equitable access to the water, and historically no free introductory open water swim/safety instruction. Human Access Project and Black Swimming Initiative seek to change this and both organizations can use your financial support.

Swimming in the Willamette has brought me so much joy. I've made lasting friendships in its waters, it's also a place I go to relax and reconnect with myself. I have the privilege of the Willamette being part of my life on a regular basis because of my swimming and water safety skills, but also because of the work by Willamette Riverkeeper, Human Access Project, and others in our community. I want more people to have the opportunity to access the Willamette safely and enjoy all the possibilities our river offers.

If you're still curious about me and my swims check out: www.angieswims.com

You can contact me through the Contact form page.